About MH Safaris

Mynhard Herholdt

Mynhard was born in 1971 on De Aar in the Karoo. He matriculated in 1989 at the Sentraal Hoerskool in Bloemfontein. Completed his compulsory military service in 1990 and in 1991 is chosen as an officer. From here he completed and qualified as a PH in 1993 at the Johan Calitz Professional hunter’s school and completed his internship in Zambia and Botswana.

Joined Executive Outcomes in Angola in 94 and in 95 moved to full time hunting outfitter and PH. He is the sole owner of MH Safaris, and is fluent in Spanish.

In 2011 started the Northern Cape Professional Hunters School.

Mynhard found his passion for hunting at a very early age and has been perfecting his love for the sport ever since. He has hunted all over the world including America, Europe and also other African destinations like Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Mynhard also hunts the big five animals on a regular basis and specialises in small predator animal hunting. Mynhard is also a very big fishing enthusiast.

He has been a member of PHASA and has also served on the Conservation & Empowerment Fund for a year.

Currently Mynhard lives along with his wife, two sons and four Jack Russels on Vanderkloof in the Karoo.